About Us

Indiaincensesticks was established in the year 1963, by S. Padmanabha in Bangalore. It was founded with the intention of the management team to make traditional, hand-rolled, superior quality incense sticks for the benefit of the larger public. India being a country rooted very much in its traditions and culture, has been at the forefront of innovations in the use of incense sticks. This background propelled the founding members to set up Sri Durga Perfumery Works. With over 50 full-time employees in the organization, Indiaincensesticks is in an apt position to grow to the next level of customer service.

Vision & Mission

Vision: To become the national leader in the manufacturing of incense sticks.

Mission: To lead the industry by committing to consistent, superior quality products and excellent, prompt customer service.


IIS has been involved in the business of manufacturing eminent India incense sticks since 1963. This long standing knowledge gives IIs’s products a distinct heritage value. Every incense stick rolled is the product of years of skill and dedication to create quality experiences for the customers. The passion poured into the making of these products continually evolves the products, with a firm focus on customer delight.

With the guidance of these industry veterans and the familiarity gathered over decades, IIS intends to take it to the next level of creativity by incorporating innovative methods and processes. These innovations in a heritage product tremendously increase its value. The added value increases customer satisfaction and repeat factor.


The partners of IIS have been working towards making the organization a distinct player in the market. These activities complement the drive and enthusiasm of the management team on a daily basis.


More than 45 years of existence

More than 30 varieties of incense sticks

Customers spread across the world